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What's the Garlic all about?

Black Garlic celebrates healthy, Asian home-cooking. We prepare everything from scratch, practice mindful sourcing, design wholesome recipes, and serve soulful rice bowls that will warm your stomach and lift your spirits. And no, you won't find Black Garlic in every single dish we make.

Why Black Garlic?

First you need to know what a black garlic is and how it’s made. Black garlic originates from your everyday garlic. It undergoes an aging process at a medium-high temperature, often made in a rice cooker in an Asian household. Over the course of a few weeks time, the garlic bulbs transform into black cloves due to Maillard reaction. The resulting black garlic is full of antioxidants and acquires a deep, balsamic-like sweetness.

Black Garlic embodies the philosophy of everyday, ordinary ingredients can turn into something amazing if you are willing to give them time and love, both of which are rare to come by outside of our homes in todays’ urban life.


We want to recreate the original comfort food with age-old family recipes from all around Asia, to evoke the fond memory of home flavours, and to rediscover the simple delight of enjoying a lunchbox when we were students in school.

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